Journey with Django

Developers who are passionate about setting up websites of their own has a great feature, Django. This will give a quick view of backend code which makes our work easier. The boring part of the programming is writing the same code over and over. This consumes time. Here comes framework like Django to help us out with such problems. So… what is Django?

What we need to build a basic website? Well…A template to view, A controller to control the data movement, and a database to store data. Exactly…Django follows MTV framework where M stands for Model the data access layer, T stands for Template the presentation layer and V stands for View the logic layer, which acts as a bridge between model and template. Here the controller part is handled by the framework itself.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 3.10.45 PMSo, let me tell you how my journey with Django began. I am part of FOSS@Amrita, a club in our college where we all put our heads into our monitors and work on what we are interested in. In our club, one of our seniors informed us regarding Django Girls workshop at Trivandrum. All of us applied for it and only two of us got a confirmation mail. Our excitement is in peaks and got all permissions from our college to leave for Trivandrum. Before the workshop, I have no knowledge on Django. I just knew that it is a web framework written in Python. I learned basics of Python and I want to go and explore what Django is.

The workshop is conducted by Django Girls, a non-profit organization started to inspire women in tech. The workshop mainly focused on basics of Python and introduction to Django. We did a small application which gives a clear idea about the framework. It is really a great experience working with such a friendly community.


My Trip to ARAKU

In my end-sem vacation we went to a trip to ARAKU VALLEY. I enjoyed a lot and want to share my experience through this blog.


  • Araku is a forest area with attracting waterfalls.
  • The mountains that surrounded the valley are responsible for its scenic beauty.
  • BORRA CAVES in the way to the valley attracts tourism.
  • The Tribal culture and their way of living is interesting.
  • Coffee Plantation is very famous in that area.
  • Its cold climate, it is called as “ OOTY OF ANDHRA”.

There is a railway route to araku which is the cheap and best way to reach araku.
The road route through the forest is also very exciting, while going through those ghat roads we can find many view points where we can enjoy real nature and feel the cold breeze.
Due to that dense fog we will feel like we are going through clouds and flying in the sky like a bird.
At nights, we arranged CAMPFIRES and spent time in enjoying the warmth in that extreme cold which gave us a great refreshment and a new energy had flown both for body and mind.


William King discovered the cave in 1807 and these caves are naturally formed and believed to be 150 million years old.

The Humic acid in water reacts with calcium carbonate in limestone and dissolves the minerals breaking the rocks gradually. The perennial water flow over a period of time results in the formation of these caves.
The entrance to the cave and the traces of water flowing on the rocks is really amazing!!!

There is a tribal museum in araku which has a collection of living styles of the people from ancient types.
There is a big shopping area which has hand made things and vessels of ancient tradition, hand loom hats, bags etc..
There are beautiful sculptures which represents the olden dressing styles and crockery etc..
People of modern lifestyles really enjoys this.

There is a museum where the people around exhibits different types of coffee powders which differ in quantity of chicory mixed with the pure coffee powder.
We had an ethnic coffee there and that is THE BEST COFFEE I EVER HAD.

The whole trip was really amazing and it was a wonderful experience in my life.

Escape to Explore

Trekking is the best holiday trip with fun and adventure. Khudremukh hills near Bangalore is famous for trekking. I and my brother planned to go for trekking there and booked a tourism trip named “Escape to Explore”.

We were late to reach the place than expected time because of the heavy traffic in Bangalore. The peak is 11Km away, it was planned to start trekking by 9:00AM and we have to reach there by 1:30PM then have lunch which the tourism people had provided and get back to the quarters before 6:00PM.

As we were late, we started our trekking by 10:00AM. At first, we were very enthusiastic and reached the first checkpoint which is 4kms away by 11:00AM. There started the real fun. We got separated from our tourism group, we don’t know whether we are going in the correct direction, the path became narrow and full of bushes, there is no one around, the path was filled with fog, and the epic thing is no network and no direction boards. In our path, there are nearly 7 waterfalls with awesome scenery. We did not reach the peak before 1:30PM. In the guidelines, we were warned not to continue trekking up if we couldn’t reach the peak. We ate our lunch and was thinking whether to go back or to reach the peak. I am so tired and thought of going back. But my brother…he doesn’t want to give up and boosted me with his words. We somehow managed to reach the peak by 3:30PM. There was a feeling of victory in us. We were jumping as if we climbed Mt. Everest.



It was dark, abandoned and the epic thing is it was raining. Luckily we found three more people from our tourism and we all started getting down slowly. The path was so slippery that if some height comes I used to sit and slide down. we are totally wet and no has a clue of where we are going. There was only one torch and we all hold our hands and followed the first person. At last, we reached the first checkpoint and a small waterfall a little away. We have not seen that waterfall while going and thought that we have missed our route and don’t know where to go. At that time we found a light a bit far. We started waving our torch high and shouting for help. I felt like God himself came to direct us. Finally, he took us back to our quarters where we have started our trekking by 8:00PM. Every one of us had found minimum 2-3 leaches on our body. We should not wipe leaches as its teeth may be stuck inside our skin, we have to use some Disinfectant liquid like Dettol. We had our dinner and set up a campfire that night.

This is my first, best and most adventurous trekking I have ever had. And will surely blog about many more treks.